Hey kids!

It took me some time, but I figured out Lunico needs trading. It is the magical process of converting "A" type items into "B" type items. You sell 3 pieces of "A" and buy 2 pieces of B. Insane! The magic dust which helps you to make this happen is m_o_n_e_y. So I added variable to the player inventory and called "money". That's it! Or not? What do you say? Hmm... so it's not believable that kids run around with 5000$? Okay, let's call the money marbles. They are small, they are shiny (everyone knows shiny things are valuable), kids like them a lot, so it's much more convenient to call the in-game money marbles. Ta-dah! We have a cool in-game currency.

The first thing you can buy in the game is the ball. I mean for test purposes. Don't be afraid, you'll get a ball for free in the game.

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