PP: presents and puzzles

Hey kids!

I've just finished the presents. They'll be "chests" of the game. Kids like presents. I do too. Maybe I'm a kid? o.o Also added the "feeling bar" of the player. It's very similar to the emotion bars of the NPCs. The color of the bar and the smiley will be symbolize the mood of the player character. As a player, your goal is to be happy and keep the character (you) happy. Simple like that!

I was thinking a lot about puzzles. I mean if I should show them or not and I decided to not, because these puzzles have only one solution, and I want the beloved player to figure out in the game. Don't worry, they'll fun and easy (or at least I aim to make them fun and easy). Instead of that, I attached a picture of a puzzle piece from wikipedia. If you have not figured out already, there will be puzzles in the game! :)

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