Please no shaders, I don't want go crazy!

Hey kids!

You're programming like every other normal being on the planet and suddenly... you feel the urge. You try to ignore it first, but the feeling is not going away. After two hours you give in, and realize: you have to program shaders. You've heard that there are guys deep in the mountains, who can speak fluently the language of the GPU. They can  walk through walls, see the future and some say they're capable of levitating.

In times like this, a mortal being like me  does the following: search for a good enough shader on pages like: After that I usually pray,  poke the shader and try to not transform it into a pile of garbage. Well most of the time I fuck it up and the finished shader is a pile of garbage.

I still can't show you anything, because it's puzzle secret. Instead look at this awesome waterfall shader:

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