Just got out of my excavator! Have some jerky!

Hey kids!

Guess what? I just got out of my excavator! The guys told me at the construction site that all of the new areas are finished, or almost finished. Yay! Precisely the following areas will be playable in the next build:

  • your home, because everyone needs a home (it's the same like now),
  • countryside, for adventuring (it has several new parts),
  • shop, for buying stuff (it's new!),
  • a mysterious area, because why not have a mysterious area (secret),
  • cellar (it's relatively new!).

It's still just a prototype, so don't have high hopes and don't wish for infinitely big areas. Well the best would be, if you don't have any kind of hopes at all, that way you can get pleasant surprises.

Anyway, have you noticed, that the birds are like karen level jerks in this game? Of course you have, so now I turn them into less jerky. Also, I attached a picture of a jerky.


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